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Flowing heat by Anuden
Flowing heat
This is one of my free flowing abstracts I make, using what ever is on my computer.  Brushes, colours, textures.

I make these when I feel stuck, they help the energy flow.
Elzaan by Anuden
Was trying out something on Photoshop using my nieces picture.  Turned out real funny.
African Clay pot by Anuden
African Clay pot
Just played around with shapes, and it ended up like this.  I have not done a lot of aart in the past few months.
Time for some serious work again.
Wings Entwined (creative expression) by Anuden
Wings Entwined (creative expression)
I made this to fit with a poem i wrote the other day, using the last picture I took on my holiday.  This just came to me and its nothign fancy but it fit in with the poem.

Wings Entwined

A lone figure edged on a ridge,
against a setting sun,
wings resting neck arched,
watching the light fade to night

A gentle breath escape scally lips
muscles twitch, releasing the days tension
heavy head turn as blue eyes
scan the night sky waiting

The sound of night fills the air
with excitement and danger
A heavy head turn, taking in each sound
patiently waiting... observing

A deep echoing call rings out
and blue eyes scan the sky
wings opening, muscles gathering
releasing an answer to the call

Strong wings grow larger
as the distance grow smaller
Blue eyes shine with joy
singing a song of love

Rising from the crest in strong
strokes of gleaming black wings
Rumbling a joyful welcome
spiraling in a dance with the winged echo

Long scalled necks entwined
wings still for a joyful embrace
gentle wings caressing shinny black scales
Glowing in the light of a shinning full moon

Ttwo great forms dives, settling on the crest
Joyful lovers etched against the light
Of a golden full moon

Oh man so I upgraded my PC, and got my new art screen, then I also upgraded to Photoshop CS6!!

Wohoo!  not I have better stuff so I can achieve more... WRONG!!!

Turns out I am learning simple things all over again, for one the blending brush, after weeks of playing with settings adjusting the brushes, I still could not find a solution.  Ehe Brush just would not blend 2 colors it airbrush over the one color.

So I ended up googling for solutions, article after article I found with people on same issue as me, at first I thought it was my screen that was not working well with Photoshop CS6. Then realized no that is not the issue... so I finally gave up!

A week passed with me trying to reason out the problem and then finally decided to try googling again!!!

Lo and behold I found a way to rectify the problem:…

Yes me being a dummie it gave me a great laugh and the answer was pretty damn simple in the end...

Made my life difficult it has, but int he end I can get back to my art!!! Wohoo

So if there is people out there with same issue. here is the answer.


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Helena Marais
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South Africa
There is no such think as great art, only AUTHENTIC art! Real art, come from the soul!

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